A Wartime Christmas

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It was hard to imagine what the first Christmas of the war would’ve been like when writing Nell’s War, but I didn’t think it would take a lot of imagination to know that it was hard.

I wanted to give the family a little hope in times of hardship and so I brought back their son, Sidney who miraculously turns up on their doorstep after going AWOL from his ship. Although, in any family, drama is not a long way off and they eventually find out the truth of his escape.


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Writing Christmas Books!

It’s funny because I started out writing about vampires and I swore I’d never touch romance. But somewhere along the journey I decided to write a short Christmas story, to, you know, test the waters so to speak. I needed to do something fresh and different and so I wrote the first draft of The Gift of Christmas in a weekend, or was it NANOWRIMO, I’m not sure, but it received good reviews so I thought I’d write another and another and now I’m on the fourth.

My latest one, Christmas Eve at Piccadilly Circus already got a couple of great reviews. I try to add twists and magical realism to the stories because that’s what I like.

I already have another up for pre order which will be released in 2019. It was inspired by my recent trip to Tenby and my love of crystals and the metaphysical. It’s called Christmas Magic at the Tenby Crystal Shop. You can find it here:




First Review

Just received my first review of my 2018 Christmas Novella Christmas Eve at Picadilly Circus. And it’s a five star🌟

You can find the book on Amazon, Kobo, Ibooks and more Inc library services.




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“I read this book in one sitting, finding it impossible to put down. It has everything history, romance, mystery and that all important magic, perfectly packaged together to leave you with a warm glow.” #chiclit #Christmas

In The Beginning…

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The last few days I’ve been thinking about finishing off my vampire series I started about seven years ago. My very first novel was The Rise of the New Bloods From Dark Beginnings which took me 18 months from start to publication. I never planned on writing 13 more books back then. It was meant to be a one-off, something to do and focus on when my kids were young. I honestly had no idea about self-publishing or anything. I just wrote the book because I felt like I had to. Never in a million years did I think I would make it an on going thing or end up turning my YA novel into a movie.

Prior to the New Bloods I had never written a novel before, so the book was a huge learning curve for me. I had to learn how to write a novel while writing it. Some say that’s the best way to learn – throw yourself in at the deep end. I have to say I totally agree.

The New Bloods is a vampire tale that tells the story of a vampire clan living in the wilds of Finland. They came from Egypt after the MC’s father had stolen the Ankh from Sekhmet who turned most of the villagers into creatures of the night. The Ankh is a relic that protects the undead from the sun. Their existence had been uncovered and they have to move, but the MC, Jyrki is given the Ankh just before his father and all of his clan are slaughtered. Now, as the very last vampire, Jyrki has to leave behind the comforts of the compound and enter the real world for the first time in his long, eternal life.

It’s told in first person and is the foundation on which I learned to write. We all have to start somewhere, yes? I’ve noticed how much my writing has improved since then and I only hope it continues to improve with every book I write.

Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye

Well, Nell’s War has been officially unleashed on the world.  Yesterday was the book launch at the 1940’s Swansea Bay Museum. It had a pretty decent turnout, I’m pleased to say so I wasn’t sitting on my own twirling my thumbs.


It was great to catch up with family too, some I haven’t seen in a long while. Lots of talking about family history etc with a backdrop of WW2 songs.

After three years of writing the book and thinking that the project was above me and my skills, I have to say that I am pretty pleased with myself that I persevered with it. Now, I’ve been pestered to write a second one and after much contemplation, I will. 43247219_2162391387168906_5499643787883839488_n

So far Nell has received great feedback. Here’s a few reviews from Amazon

A well-written story based on one lady’s experiences during the 3 day Blitz in Swansea. The characters are so relatable you feel as if you are part of the family. Heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.
The characters are real and you feel that you are actually in it yourself.
It is so good I will be reading it again soon. Nell and Bess stand out and feel that you
actually knew them. There was a freshness of home life throughout which give a warmth of family life.
I hope there is a follow up book of how Nell, Patrick and young Bessie turn out.

Absolute brilliant read could not put it down there is a good warmth of family life you can really connect with the characters feels like your a part of the story hope there is a follow up of how nell Bessie and Patrick move on after the war

New Release

Kelly_Matthews (2) xmas eve

I like to write Christmas novels because, well, they’re lighthearted and fun to do. Although the same amount of work and passion goes into these as my other work.


Christmas Eve at Picadilly Circus was inspired by my love of WW2 history. I have already written and published a historical fiction novel and was sad when it was finished. So I wanted to keep it going in another project and that’s how my Christmas Novella was born!


Darcy inherits her grandmother’s pub in Paddington, London but that’s not all. She discovers postcards indicating a love affair between her great nana and a sailor during WW2. If that’s not all, Darcy unravels years of family secrets in the process, and finds a love of her own.

Available from September 24th from all online bookshops.



When The War Was Over

Well the war is certainly over for my characters. Nell’s War is finally available on Amazon and the response to it so far has been phenomenal.  Within a few hours of posting it on Amazon it was downloaded without me doing any sort of advertising! It has already gained a five star rating on Goodreads and Amazon, plus I’ve had people messaging me saying how much they are loving it!

It took me almost three years to research and write and it was so worth it. Would I do it again? Well, people are asking for a sequel so that’s a good start. There is scope to write another and I may just do that in the near future.

In the meantime, please check out the link below and have a read of the preview.